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Training camps

We’ve been organizing training camps for more than 15 years now and our aim remained the same throughout the years; to provide excellent maps in world class terrain for orienteers of any age and level.  Luckily, Slovenia is an amazing orienteering destination with lots of varied and technically difficult terrain, both forest and sprint (urban). Over the years we have fully organized or helped organizing training camps for many different teams and individuals including national selections from Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Norway, Denmark, Finland etc…

We are covering all the best areas in the country.

As an extension to our Slovenian offer, we have some maps in Croatia as well, mainly on Cres island for forest orienteering and Istria for sprint. The two areas are easily combinable during a training camp. Additionally we can offer 3 sprint maps in Dalmatia, 2 of them super interesting (Split & Šibenik).

You are welcome to check our “Locations” section to find out what kind of terrain we have in our offer.

So, how do we work?

Full service 

With full service we basically do everything for you; plan the courses according to your wishes, set and collect controls in the forest, arrange timing with Sport Ident, find the most suitable accommodation, take care of transport, meals outside accommodation, sightseeing etc… 

Price? Since each camp is different, we can only give you price after we see what your wishes are.

Maps only

Most typically groups, especially the smaller ones,  buy only maps. You can buy map without course or with course which is planned by us or by you. The price is the same whoever plans the courses, you or us. 

Map prices (from 2024):

Map without a course: 3.5€
Map with course: 4.5€

Please note that we sell only printed maps without exceptions. This means NO sending/selling OCAD map files. Minimum map order is 30€.

If you want to plan your own courses, it’s very simple; we will send you low resolution georeferenced file which you can use as background for course planning. After you send us the course planning files, we print the maps and deliver them to agreed location. 

Something in between

Full service or Maps only are just two options, you may choose anything between the two extremes. Whatever the level of support you wish to have, we’re here to help. Our experience tells us that each camp is special and it’s best to work with each group separately. So, the best way to start planning your camp is giving us a short note that you’re interested. From there on we work together on your camp, swiftly and effectively :).