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Peo Bengtsson with WWOP Höst Öst tour in Croatia/Slovenia

It’s November and it’s time for the legendary Höst Öst tour under the leadership of Peo Bengtsson – best known as the founder of O-Ringen and perhaps the world’s greatest promotor of world wide orienteering. The 55th edition of the tour crossed several European countries, Croatia and Slovenia being two of them. So, we organized 3 training races for the group of cca. 55 mostly 55+ brave orienteers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland. 1st race on Cres island (CRO), 2nd on Platak ski resort (CRO) and the 3rd one in Podgrad (SLO). Super small team on our side, so no much photographing :). Anyway, here are some courses and a photo too…

Girls having fun on foggy/rainy Platak mountain