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O-motion training camp in October

A group of young and talented Swiss orienteers under the leadership of Peter Rutz & coaches have spent a week long training camp in Slovenia/Croatia. This was the third Swiss youth group training on our Slovenian/Croatian maps this year!  In this particular case we planned all the training sessions for them and they seem to have enjoyed the week a lot. 4 days in Kras region, 3 days on Cres island combined with perfect weather proved as a great choice.

Altogether 11 sessions, 3 of which sprint (Koper, Izola, Cres). We did our best to provide different training sessions in different types of karst terrain, from very fast (Prešnica) to very stony (Divaška jama). Of course, we have not forgotten about the technical areas such as Krajna vas and Tramuntana forest on Cres island, which seemed to have been the highlight of the camp!

“Thanks again for the maps, the courses and of course the overall support to organize this camp. It has been a huge success, some claimed it to be the best camp ever, but usually the last one is always the best with the new memories… 😉  But relaxing with a swim in the sea has also been a kind of new level!” – Peter said after the camp.

Some photos from the camp below (by O-motion):

Young Swiss orienteers in Prešnica terrain